Dark Summer in Bordeaux

rsz_dark_summer_in_bordeaux (1)

By Allan Massie

Published by Quartet Books Limited (UK) in 2012

Back-page cover:

There are days, even in the bad times, even the worst of them, when you can still believe in the future, like that six o’clock in the morning three weeks ago when the bell rang and Dominique was there. Dominique, pale, wretchedly thin, exhausted, his hair cropped, but nevertheless Dominique. Lannes held him in his arms, neither able for a moment to speak…

My comments:

Superintendent Lannes is back! Do you remember him? He is the main character of Death in Bordeaux.

While the German army is tightening their hold on Bordeaux, this likeable policeman still has many battles to fight to protect his loved ones in the throes of Occupation. True to himself, he struggles to find a fine balance between compromise and faithfulness to his own beliefs. But in these troubled times, every success comes at a price.

With Nazi danger looming large, he’ll be faced with his children’s choice to follow opposite and conflicting directions in life, knowing that whatever the outcome of the war, such ideological decisions will impact their lives forever.

I enjoyed reading this second volume of Allan Massie’s trilogy. Again, the author gives a subtle and vivid description of how French people came to terms with this divisive period.