Death in Bordeaux – Allan Massie

Death in Bordeaux_opt (2)

Published by Quartet Books Limited (UK) in 2010

Back-page cover :

Death in Bordeaux is the first in a trilogy which will take Lannes through the war and up to the grisly, but inevitable purge of those found guilty of German collaboration. However, Death in Bordeaux is also a novel that explores the moral complexity of France’s time of trial, the horrors which afflicted France between 1940  and 1945, and the reasons why it has taken the French people so long to emerge from the shadow of war.

My comments :

Although detective stories are not my usual reading, the title of this book caught my eye.

How was I going to miss a story with  my home town as  a backdrop?

Actually, more than the beautiful cobbled streets of the city, the story pictures the ambiguous atmosphere sweeping  France at the onset of German ” Occupation” in 1940.

With this conundrum, Allan Massie gives an interesting description of the rift which is about to split France in 2 different mindsets, leaving its mark for decades.

France is on the verge of disaster and everyone struggles to find their way out of it. Some will  happily  take to new German rules although anti-Jewish and anti-communism movements start to hold sway of the country.

Other ones, inspired by neighboring Spanish Civil war, are working in the shadow to prepare a brighter future.

A pleasant book to read.