The Silent Country – Di Morrissey

Publication Pan Macmillan Australia

Summary of the publisher :

The Silent Country is a vast and beautiful wilderness, a place which holds secrets and stories that are rarely spoken. TV producer Veronica Anderson travels to the Northern Territory to retrace the journey of an expedition that had set out fifty years earlier to film the outback, but which ended mysteriously.

Of the group, led by the eccentric Maxim Topov, fex are still alive and they are reluctant to talk about the intriguing events.

It is trough the help of local N.T. environmentalist, Jamie McInstoch, that Veronica begins to piece together the puzzle and discover the answers. These anwsers break the silence and change her life.

Our comment :

In this original fiction, Di Morissey brings us to The Top End. Developped around the movie-making industry in the aftermath of WW2, this story features an expedition through the wilderness of Australia, which came to an abrupt end.

The plot  has been cleverly built and keeps the readers hooked until they reach an unexpected ending and discover the tragic outcome of this foolish cruise across the barren lands of the Northern Territory.

Once more, I appreciated the vibrant tribute that Di Morissey pays to her country.