They won’t hurt me, Mom!

A Dubrovnik war story

By Anita Rakidzija

Published by the Croatian Association of civilian victims of the war for freedom at the Dubrovnik – Neretva county, in July 2009 at Dubrovnik


In 1991 war is looming large in famous Dubrovnik. Families from the neighboring villages have to flee for dear life and seek shelter in the tourist-intended city hotels.

In her first book, Anita Rakidzija tell us about how her own family tried to survive putting a brave face to the everyday hardships.

But fate always has it its own way and despite a mother’s unfailing determination to protect her children’s lives, tragedy is never far at war time.

Written in a plain, sincere style, this non-fiction brings war home because day after day we share her ordeal to feed and warm her children. You won’t find here any historic or politic explanation of the conflict.

Back from a short stay in sunny and lovely Dubrovnik, I thought it my duty to know more about the recent and painful past of the city.

Indeed, Anita’s true story sheds a different light on the places I went to.

This will be my tribute to the Dubrovnik people who fought for their freedom and have done so well in rebuilding their future.